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Can I tell you about my friend Semi?

Can I tell you about my friend Semi?

Dec. 20, 2020

Contributor: Nkosikhona Phakathi

Did you say yes? I heard yes.

I was chatting to my friend in business for 5 years now and he told me about one of his biggest challenges as a hands-on business owner from Butterworth (Eastern Cape)

As I listened to him I actually learned a lot and I could not help but imagine how many other business owners ad the same issue.

Semi has two small shops in Butterworth selling IT Consumables mostly, these businesses are doing well as one is by the busy Taxi Rank and one is in a mush more premium part where they target bigger schools and corporate clients. Semi basically needs to be in both places at the same time if he needs to satisfy his customer needs from making sure there is enough stock at all times, making sure there is minimal to stock losses and also ensure products are not sold below cost.

You probably thinking what I am thinking right now, he needs a software that will drive both his businesses at the same time or maybe even run TeamViewer or any desk to maintain his software...

The pain of running a business is that you cannot afford to spend more than what you can afford otherwise you will drive yourself to an early grave.

As we spoke I realised his ambition to grow his business, his hunger for a good business image at the same time his frustrations of lack of capital to do all this, he actually had a quote in his hands for about R28,000 for an implementation of a proper software with SAGE.

Lets e honest, that is a lot of money especially in 2020.

I sat him down and showed him what he could do with Bits N Bytes ERP Cloud, true story this is what me and semi did.

We setup Bits N Bytes ERP Cloud and as we setting up this is what happened

  1. Semi needed Point of Sale as he has POS Stations already, so we created 8 POS users for him (4 per site) I know its an extra 4 sites, but remember you do not pay anything extra for the stations so why not.
  2. The second headache was stock locations, we create 2 warehouses that share the same set of products, but different locations. Such that a Sandisk 16GB USB drive will be available on all branches and POS Systems, but stock levels are adjusted independently. This way we can tell if shop 1 is running low and we can also move stock between warehouses
  3. As carry on the big guy tells me he needs a website, so I gave him a full-blown online store by just activating the web store addon on Bits N Bytes ERP Cloud
  4. Just a recap, Semi had Point of Sale, Inventory & Stock Control, Web Management and a free domain from us, Accounting with Tax and financial statements, and free support from me.
  5. The next thing was his Assets, and I understood him here, he wanted a clear reflection of all his assets including Fleet control. Well, Customer is always right so we gave him Asset management with depreciation and valuation controls automated. As well as fleet management.
  6. Just when I thought we were done... I was asked to throw in Human Resource Management and Payroll and Android App for him to keep track of his business when he is away enjoying life.

In the end, we had completely built with a Customer Frontend where customers can buy, request quotes and compare pricing on all his store products. The Office end, well is a full blow accounting and POS system.

The Fight

Here is the better part, Semi pays R549 a month for all this, the initial fees for the setup was only R1850.

So he saved R26,650 from his cheapest quote and every month he will save R300.

I would love to tell your story, how can I save you money by implementing a proper Cloud Accounting System?

Nkosikhona Carlos


Whatsapp: 0839883613

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